I sound like very hype judging by the title. However, my intention is naïve. Just want to tell you what have I been through while I am working in a Typescript, Module federation so-so micro frontend project.

This is gonna be a micro blog post so it’ll be finish soon. I am cutting chase and getting directly point:

Typings: Who you think you are, insignificant federated module?

This is what my host application said while I was trying to import my remote application into it.(I feel you’ll about the quit to read. I was start to saying micro frontend and then continue with host/remote application now, that might make…

The purpose of this article using typescript on our tests and how to setup test infrastructure for your Next.js + Typescript setup using ts-jest.

This is one of these post: explaining how to glue pieces together and humbly describes one task done. I recently joined a very excited project and my duty was setup a test suite for our Next.js app.

Before started getting my hands dirty I followed the Artem’s post (https://blog.sapegin.me/all/react-testing-2-jest-and-enzyme/) about React testing to refresh my knowledge. It helped a lot for catching the latest, but unlike his post, our stack includes Typescript and Next.js on top of React and this slight changes does not allow me continuing to follow well written article’s step.

I decided to go on with ts-jest

Halil Kayer

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